A New User on the Internet (2) - Reading Comprehension

Read the lines and select T (True), F (False) or U (Unknown) from the given options according to the passage.

A New User on the Internet

It was hot – a still June night – and Maggie was sitting upstairs with her dad, patiently showing him how to set up his own email account. “You need to think of a username, dad,” she said.

“What about my name – ‘Rob Jones’?” asked Rob. “That’s gone, I’m sure,” replied Maggie. “There’s more than one Rob Jones in the world, dad!”

They both grinned.

“It has to be something lowercase, and all one word. And put a few numbers in it too. But make it easy to remember. Maybe ‘robjones1968’? No, that’s already gone.”

Eventually they chose a username and password for Rob, and Maggie showed him how to send and receive an email.

After years of ignoring his family’s nagging, Rob now realised that he needed to be online – mainly so that he could find a new driving job. He had been made redundant over a month ago, and his personal adviser at the Jobcentre had suggested he look online.

“I’ve got to get on with my revision, dad,” said Maggie. “But try using Google to search for driving jobs.”

Rob felt like a kid with a new bike. He could feel the possibilities opening up before him. 

“What you doin’, dad man?” Dennis called, throwing his dirty football boots on the floor.

“I’m going to find a job, son,” replied Rob brightly, “Surfing the ’net!”

“I never took you for a silver surfer, dad,” sniggered Dennis, slurping from a pot of yoghurt. “I need to check my Facebook now. Can I?”

“In a minute, son.”

Dennis loped off and found his sister, “Hey – geek girl! Can I borrow your phone?”

“What for?”  Maggie’s voice rose from beneath a mountain of GCSE revision guides.

“I need to get online.”