An A-Z of English Slang Terms (2)

An A-Z of English Slang Terms – Part 1

Match a definition for each of the following slang terms.

Note: (n.) means the word is a noun and (a.) means it is an adjective:

>> write the answer using numbers 1-13.

Nnifty (a.)_____
1a vehicle that needs a lot of work. 
Ooomph (n.)_____
2very ugly. 
Ppug ugly (a.)_____
3'bye; see ya (informal goodbye). 
Qquack (n.) _____
4to throw up; vomit. 
Rrust-bucket (n.)_____
Sspare tyre (n.)_____
6a doctor with a poor reputation. 
Ttoodle-oo! (interjection)_____
7a young, wealthy professional person. 
Uupchuck (v.)_____
8something you can’t remember. 
Vvamoose (v.)_____
9good; works well; desirable.
Wwhatchamacallit (n.)_____
10someone whose wealth seems to have no limits.
XXmas (n.)_____
11the roll of fat around a fat person’s waist. 
Yyuppie (n.) _____
12enthusiasm; effort. 
Zzillionaire (n.)_____
13to leave quickly.