Arriving at the Book Club - Reading Comprehension

Read the following transcript of a conversation. Answer the questions by choosing true, false, or not given from the drop-down menu.

“Excuse me, is this where the Westchester book club is supposed to meet?”

“Why yes! Welcome! You’re the first to arrive.”

“Oh, good. I wasn’t so sure. I’m Helen. Are you Eileen?”

“No, I’m Colleen. I’m afraid that Eileen has come down with a touch of the flu, poor thing. I

spoke with her last night.”

“Sorry, to hear that. Here, I brought these cupcakes for us all.”

“Oh, you shouldn’t have. That was awfully nice of you!”

“That’s OK. I enjoy baking ... and reading, of course.”

“How did you hear about our book club, Helen?”

“I saw a flyer about it on the bulletin board at the Fairlawn Library, and I thought, well why not. I’m new to the area and wanted to meet some like-minded people.”

“How nice. Do you work?”

“Not anymore; I’m retired. I used to be an accountant. And you?”

“I’m a literary agent for authors, actually.”

“Really! Wow, I guess you know your books then. You know, I always say that I have a book in me that someday I’m going to write.”

“I hear that a lot. I’m always happy to talk to new authors, assuming of course, they’ve actually sat down and written something.”

“Well, now that I’m retired, perhaps it’s time I put pen to paper—this time with words and not numbers!”

“It’s lovely meeting you, Helen. I see some others are just arriving, so we’ll be starting shortly. Do have a seat.”