Arriving at the Project Meeting - Reading Comprehension

Read the following transcript of a conversation. Answer the questions by choosing true, false, or not given from the drop-down menu.

Bob: “Good morning, Tricia! It’s good to see you’ve made it here today, despite the ongoing heatwave. Good timing!”

Tricia: “Yes, it was quite an adventure. The trains have stopped running and we had to take a cab—and the driver didn’t even have air-conditioning!”

Bob: “Sorry to hear that. Anyway, I see you’ve brought along some of your colleagues from California. My name is Bob, by the way. I’m the district manager and the one who’s responsible for putting together the project meeting.

Saul: “Hello, Bob. I’m Saul Sallow. What kind of a last name is ‘Bytheway?’ Are you German?”

Bob: “Oh, no. That was just an expression, you know, ‘by the way.’ My last name is Brothers, and I was born right here in Boston, actually. My family was originally from Trinidad, but we’ve been in this country at least 3 generations.”

Saul: “I see, that’s very interesting. My family is also from the Caribbean Islands, at least my Grandmother was from Jamaica before she moved to London. There, she met my grandfather. My parents and I emigrated from England a few years ago. ”

Bob: “Well, it’s nice to meet you, Saul. I recognize your name from the research and development department.”

Saul: “That’s right. I’m here representing our department along with my colleague, Chip Hughes. He’s new to the team.

Bob: ”Really? Well hello, Chip. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Are you new to the company?”

Chip: “Actually, I’ve been here about ten years, but I’ve just been transferred over from technical support.”

Bob: “I see. So, you’ve been based way out there on the West Coast.”

Chip: “That’s right. I’m actually in the process of moving here to Boston.

Bob: “Is that right? Well, if I can do anything to make the move easier, please let me know. I’m not without influence in this town.”

Chip: “Thanks, Bob. I appreciate it.

Saul: “And lastly, this is Sue Ellen. I believe you two have met before, isn’t that right?”

Sue Ellen: “No, I don’t believe we have.

Bob: “You’re right, but I certainly do know who you are ! Weren’t you the one responsible for designing our new product last year? That was quite a seller!”

Sue Ellen: “I can’t take all the credit. Everyone on the West Coast pulls their weight. Anyway, I look forward to working with you.”

Sue Ellen: “Likewise. I’ve heard some good things about your department here on the East Coast, as well.”

Bob: “Thanks. Overall, I think things are finally coming together. Let’s all move to the meeting room and get started, OK? There’s some coffee and pastries there.