Being Polite

We are usually more polite to people who we respect or who we don’t know well.

We tend to use more direct language with our friends and close relatives.

Match the polite sentence with the direct sentence that has the same meaning. Use only the lowercase alphabet from a - j for the answers.

1Can I have a cake? ___
aSit down.
2Would you be able to keep the noise down please? ___
bGet a move on.
3Can you pass me the lemonade please? ___
cWho are you?
4Would you like to sit down? ___
dWhat’s the time?
5Can you tell me how long you are going to be please? ___
eGive me a cake.
6I wondered if I would possibly be able to borrow the newspaper after you have finished with it. ___
fI’m coming with you.
7Excuse me. I’m afraid I don’t know your name. ___
gGive me a drink.
8I’m sorry but I’ve got to go home now. ___
hI want the paper now!
9Would you mind if I came with you and Diane to the cinema? ___
iShut up!
10Excuse me. I’m ever so sorry to bother you. I hope you don’t mind but would it be possible at all for you to tell me the time please? ___
jI’m off.