Books for Christmas Presents (3) - Reading Comprehension (True, False, or Unknown)

Read the Passage and select T (True), F (False), or U (Unknown) according to the passage.

It was nearly 8pm on a late night shopping night, two weeks before Christmas. Maggie was in Harold’s  Bookshop in Derby with her little cousin Darren.

“What about this for Auntie Kathleen?” He produced a copy of ‘Dolphins of the World’.

“No, I’ve got just the thing for mum,” said Maggie, “She loves languages.” And she popped a copy of ‘Go Italia!’ into her basket.

“What about for my dad?” asked Maggie.

Darren held up a copy of ‘Flipper: The Authorised Biography’.

“I’m not buying that!” squealed Maggie. “Try and help me, Dazza! Ah, dad’ll like this – ‘Steam Engines of the 1840s’.” “Boring,” said Darren, opening a pop-up book about killer  whales.

Maggie paid for the books and they went outside into the cold.

“We’ve forgotten Dennis!” cried Darren.

“He wants a car manual,” replied Maggie, “about BMWs. They didn’t have it in the last shop.”

“What about here”, said Darren, pointing at World of Books, which was next to the market.

They hurried in, but they couldn’t find it. Books For U didn’t have it either. Just when they were about to give up, they found Dennis’s present in a tiny independent bookshop near the station, called The Bookworm. They felt so pleased.

On the bus home, as the snow danced around outside, Darren was puzzled. “Why did you buy books for everybody?”

“Because you should always give the kind of present that you’d like  to receive yourself,” replied Maggie.

Darren thought for a moment. “So which book do you want them to get you?”

“I’ll have a book token,” declared Maggie decisively, “so that I can choose my own present!”