Buying A Mobile Phone Service - Reading Comprehension

Read the transcript of a conversation between a customer and a service representative of a mobile phone company. Choose the best answer to the questions that follow.

“So how much will I end up paying for mobile phone service here? It seems so confusing”

“We have a range of products to serve all our customer’s needs. Are you living permanently in the UK? Do you need a mobile phone?”

“No, I have my own. I’m here taking an extended vacation from work for 6 months—just visiting friends and family.”

“Well then, since you have a mobile phone, I think you should look into our sim-only offers. Our contracts are for 2 years, so that’s not an option for you. We have one special on offer; it’s a Supersaver pay-as-you-go service. Compufone has this deal where you pay monthly, just £10, and then you have 100 minutes of calls to both mobile phones in the UK and landlines. You also get 160 gigabytes of data, for internet usage, and unlimited SMS messages here in the UK.”

“100 minutes isn’t much for me. I call my sister in Brighton almost every day. How much do I have to pay if I go over 100 minutes?”

“Well, I’m afraid you can’t with this plan. You can consider one of our top-up plans. It’s similar to the pay-as-you-go plan but offers more flexibility. For example, you top-up your service by paying 10, 15, or 20 Pounds and then you choose what kind of package that fits you best. We have different deals for using the internet, talking on your phone, or just sending messages. We also have bundles. How many minutes do you think you will spend talking on the phone monthly?”

“I have no clue. I use it everyday. I don’t use the internet so much, and occasionally I do send some messages. Is there, perhaps, an unlimited plan?” “Not without your having a regular, monthly contact. I mean you can use the pay-as-you-go bundle with the top-up option for unlimited minutes, talking with UK numbers, of course, but it will cost you about £50 a month. That will also give you 160 gigabytes for internet usage.”

“So I only pay £50 a month?”

“No, the bundle costs £50 and it lasts for about 30 days, but you don’t have to pay that every month. You can purchase it as you like—or something else. It’s up to you.”

“But you just said, it’s for 30 days? And, I told you I call my sister every day. Are you suggesting I have to pay something extra?”

“Well, you have to pay the basic monthly charge of £10 just to have the sim card. If you don’t pay that, then the company will just disconnect your service.”

“But I thought you said that I only have 100 minutes with the service for £10 a month!”

“No, no. That’s for the Supersaver pay-as-you-go plan. You can just get the top-up plan and buy units and then bundles as you need them.”

“Oh, this is too confusing!”