Conversation: Getting to Work and Arranging Lunch (2) - Reading Comprehension

Read the text and decide which statements are True, False or Not Given about the speakers.

Linda: “What’s your schedule like at work, Jill?”

Jill: “I always get to the office by 10 in the morning, which is when we start work. I’m available for meetings from 11 o’clock, however.”

Linda: “How do you get to work? Do you take public transportation?”

Jill: “No! I hate taking buses. They are always late and there is never a seat. Most days, I take my car. The traffic is terrible, but at least I can listen to an audiobook along the way.”

Linda: “I do that sometimes, as well, but I prefer podcasts to audiobooks. The thing is, I’m lucky, I guess, because I just walk to the office.”

Jill: “I would love to walk; that would be nice. But, I also need my car to pick up Billy from school at three thirty. I drop him off at home, and then I drive over to Sir Sweatly’s Gym, where I take an aerobics class for an hour.”

Linda: “Good for you! Well, anyway, why don’t we meet for lunch at 1 o’clock? Can you get away from the office then?”

Jill: “I’m afraid not. That’s too early for me. I tend to eat lunch late, closer to 2, because we have daily office meetings that begin at 12:30. Sometimes they run late.”

Linda: “That’s OK. I can meet you at 2 o’clock. I don’t have a fixed work schedule. I can leave the office anytime.”

Jill: “I wish I had that type of arrangement at work. I’m very much tied to the clock. Anyway, so I will see you at 2 at our usual place. I look forward to our weekly lunches together.”