Golf Balls (2) - Reading Comprehension

Read the text, then answer T (true), F (false), or NG (not given) to the statements that follow.

Golf Balls

Most people know a golf ball when they see one, without ever considering how they are made or why they look like they do. There are official rules that dictate the size and weight of a ball.

A golf ball must weigh at most 1.620 ounces. The diameter must be at least 1.680 inches. Today, the size of balls that are used in tournaments have become much more standardized than ever before. If manufacturers want their balls to be considered for professional game play, they must adhere to strict standards. Variations to the weight or mass of balls will provide an unfair advantage to a player. It is for this reason that golf associations that run tournaments will test and approve the balls to be used in the competitions.

All golf balls also have dimples on their surface. In fact, these markings are also regulated and standardized. The dimples affect the aerodynamics of a ball’s flight. It was discovered that the dimples on a ball’s surface creates air turbulence when the ball flies and spins through the air—and that’s a good thing for golfers because it helps their balls fly smoother, straighter, and farther than ones with a smooth surface. Of course, since performance is a factor, golf associations will only approve certain ball designs. The number of dimples a ball has, as well as their depth and size, affects a ball’s performance.

Does it matter what color a golfer’s balls are? Generally speaking, the answer is no. Although most golf balls are white, yellow or orange balls are becoming much more common. This is because it’s easier to find a colored ball when lost. It’s also useful to tell whose balls belong to whom. Some players even prefer to use a different colored golf ball on each hole.

In professional tournaments, many golfing associations do not restrict the color of a golfer’s balls. However, more and more it has become standard that once a player chooses the color of his golf balls, he may not change them.