Good Advice 1-1

Match the question on the left to the good advice given on the right. Enter the answers using lowercase alphabet only from 'a' to 'j'.

1Are you hungry? ___
aGo to the doctor’s!
2Are you unhappy? ___
bHave something to eat!
3Are you bored? ___
c Make some friends!
4Are you tired? ___
dSlow down a bit! 
5Are you in a hurry? ___
eHave something to drink!
6Are you feeling ill? ___
fGo and buy some!
7Are you lonely? ___
gGo to bed!
8Are you thirsty? ___
hCheer up - it might never happen!
9Do you need some new shoes? ___
iGo and do something! 
10Do you need a new suit? ___
jGo and get one!