Good Advice 1-2

Match the question on the left to the good advice given on the right. Enter the answers using lowercase alphabet only from 'a' to 'j'.

1Do you feel stressed out? ___
aGo and work in a hospital!
2Do you like boats? ___
bGo and sit in a field!
3Do you like trees and grass? ___
cGo and buy a lottery ticket!
4Do you like ill people? ___
dGo on a sailing holiday!
5Do you want to be a millionaire? ___
eStop eating chocolate and cakes!
6Do you want to be famous? ___
fStart by making others happy.
7Do you want to be happy? ___
gGo for a ten mile run!  
8Do you like mountains? ___
hGet a part in a Hollywood blockbuster!
9Are you unfit? ___
iGo to the Himalayas!
10Do you want to lose weight? ___
jCalm down!