Good Advice 2-2

Match the question on the left to the good advice given on the right. Enter the answers using lowercase alphabet only from 'a' to 'j'.

1Do you need help with maths? ___
aGo to a nice restaurant!
2Do you like good food? ___
bGo on holiday to Spain!
3Do you like gardening? ___
cPhone somebody!
4Do you live in London? ___
dSwitch on the TV!
5Do you like flying? ___
eGo and visit St Paul’s Cathedral.
6Do you like talking? ___
fBecome a racing driver.
7Do you know how to read a map? ___
gGo and buy some new plants!
8Do you like lying in the sun all day? ___
hBuy a calculator!
9Do you like watching TV? ___
iBecome an air hostess!
10Do you like driving really fast? ___
jGo on a walking holiday!