Good Advice 3-1

Match the question on the left to the good advice given on the right. Enter the answers using lowercase alphabet only from 'a' to 'j'.

1Do you like looking good? ___
aMake yourself a jam sandwich!
2Do you like jam? ___
bWhy not get it cut?
3Are you dirty? ___
cBecome a model.
4Have you got long hair? ___
dHave a bath!
5Do you always wake up late? ___
eGo to the South Pole!
6Do you hate your job? ___
fBuy a cow!
7Is your house too big? ___
gApply for a different one!
8Do you like drinking fresh milk? ___
hBuy an alarm clock!
9Do you enjoy swimming? ___
iMove to a smaller one!
10Do you like penguins? ___
jGo on a boat trip and jump in!