Good Advice 3-2

Match the question on the left to the good advice given on the right. Enter the answers using lowercase alphabet only from 'a' to 'j'.

1Are you too hot? ___
aJoin a tennis club!
2Are you too cold? ___
bBuy some big shoes!
3Do you like long canals? ___
cGo to a birthday party!
4Do you like sand dunes? ___
dGo to a carpet shop!
5Do you like birthday cake? ___
eGo to Panama!
6Do you like getting wet? ___
fPut a warm coat on!
7Do you need a new carpet? ___
gTake off your jumper!
8Do you like playing tennis? ___
hGo to the Sahara Desert!
9Do you have big feet? ___
iBuy a better one!
10Is your mobile phone rubbish? ___
jThrow away your umbrella!