Heathy Food to Lose Weight With - Reading Comprehension

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Heathy Food to Lose Weight With

There are many diets available on the market today on how to lose weight, however, it is important to know which foods allow a person to do so in a healthy manner. Sometimes it is possible to follow diets that actually do produce results weight-wise but on occasion these diets also produce negative results health-wise. In order to avoid falling into such pitfalls, some knowledge is required concerning the nutritional value of the foods you consume.

According to extensive scientific research done on the value diet-friendly foods that are also healthy, a number of foods have made it to the top of the list. Without putting any of the following foods in any hierarchical order as concerns their nutritional value, the first one on our list is leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables such as spinach, lettuce, cauliflower, cabbage, etc. These foods have plenty of fiber and help keep a person hydrated. They also assist in staving off hunger so one is not tempted to eat junk food. Furthermore, they are low in calories as well.

Whole eggs, once believed to be harmful because of the bad cholesterol they were thought to contain, are now believed to be good for you since they are nutrient dense, high in protein and healthy fats as well as making you feel full. Nevertheless, it is cautioned that one should not eat more than 12 per week.

 As regards meats, chicken breasts and lean meats are also recommended. Some nutritionists would argue that red meat increases the risk of cancer and heart disease but there doesn’t seem to be enough proof to either support or deny these claims when it refers to lean meats. There is evidence however, that unprocessed lean red meat when eaten alongside with vegetables does mitigate the above mentioned risks. In terms of their nutritional value, chicken and lean red meats are rich in protein and iron.

Another food that has received a lot of bad press, especially those promoting low carb diets, is the potato. The potato along with other root vegetables like the carrot, onion and garlic have a wide range of nutrients and the potato is especially rich in potassium, which helps regulate blood pressure.


Regarding  fish, salmon and tuna are highly recommended because of the outstanding quality of the protein they contain as well as their omega 3 fatty acids but the truth be told all fish have health benefits due to the iodine in them.

Some of the well-known super foods are on the list too like avocados, which unlike most fruits do not have high levels of carbohydrates but instead have lots of healthy fats, fiber and potassium as well as being energy dense.  Walnuts and almonds are also considered super foods by some but all nuts in general have adequate amounts of  protein, healthy fats and fiber and best of all, they have them in even proportions.

Finally, concerning dairy products, your best bet is cottage cheese and Greek yoghurt since cottage cheese is mostly made of protein and high in calcium. Greek yoghurt, provided it is full fat and includes live cultures, has twice the protein regular yoghurt has and has significant health benefits for your gut too.

If your daily intake includes a significant percentage of the above mentioned foods, then your chances of losing weight and remaining healthy greatly improve.