Money Worries (3) - Reading Comprehension (True, False, Unknown)

Read the Passage and select T (True), F (False) or U (Unknown) in the blank according to the passage.

Money Worries

In March Rob received a letter out of the blue from his employer, Mr. Pinkney of Pinkney’s and  Sons Heavy Haulage Company. He couldn’t believe what it said.

“It looks like I could be out of a job soon,” he said to Kathleen, when he got home from work after a twelve-hour shift.

“Why, what’s happened?” asked his wife, looking up from her newspaper.

“Pinkney’s going to make everyone redundant,” said Rob gloomily, “He told us today, and gave us this letter. It says the company’s badly in debt and he needs to get a big loan from the bank. His accountant’s gone missing, too.”

Later that evening Rob and Kathleen were washing up in silence.

“We’ve never had to worry about money in  the past,” said Kathleen suddenly, “We’ve always had enough. You’ll find another job.”

“But how will we pay  the mortgage if I’m out of work?” moaned Rob. “It’s a nightmare.”

Just then Maggie and Dennis came in. “Mum,” said Maggie, “I need some cash for tomorrow. It’s the charity  fun day at school.”

“And I need the money I lent you at the weekend, dad. My mate’s coming round and I’ve got to pay him back the tenner I owe him.”

Kathleen looked at Rob and smiled.

“We’ll be alright,” she said, kissing him on the ear.

“I wish I could be so sure,” sighed Rob.