News Report: A Railroad Strike - Reading Comprehension

Read the following transcript of a conversation. Answer the questions by choosing true, false, or not given from the drop-down menu.

A planned strike of railroad workers will go ahead next week, even though planned talks between union  leaders and government officials are scheduled to continue. Ongoing negotiations over a proposed pay increase for union members broke down last night, because the Transport Minister, Guy Mullish, refused to approve the union’s latest proposal.

The coalition of union rail workers announced the green light for its 50,000 members to walk out in order for a clear message to be sent to government officials. The strike will commence Tuesday, 6 July. Because of the continued hardline position taken by the Prime Minister, this is the 3rd strike to cripple the country since discussions began last year concerning a dispute about pay, jobs, and working conditions.

The President of the coalition of railroad unions, Mitch McGuire said: “Whereas we had hoped to have brokered a deal with the government by now, this was not the case. Now, even though we’ve tried to be amicable, the kid gloves come off. Strike action will take place next Tuesday as planned. Our members are more determined than ever to stick it out until we are able to secure a decent pay rise, job security and good working conditions. I can’t speak for the government, but to be honest, they’re acting as if our basic demands are frivolous. They say they are willing to talk, but really they are just stalling, hoping we will give up.”

An official statement by the Prime Minister is expected this evening by the Transport Minister.

However, upon exiting the negotiations, Mr. Mullish has this to say: “Give them an inch and they want the ruler. Although we’ve been willing to negotiate, for the good of all and this great nation, I can’t say the same for our counterparts. Making unreasonable demands just for the sake of being difficult won’t help their members. Moreover, since this strike will affect all citizens, I consider this so-called ‘civic action’ to be nothing more than terrorism—and we will not bow to terrorits. Now, if you will excuse me, I’m late for the buffet.”