News Report: A UFO Sighting - Reading Comprehension

Read the following transcript of a conversation. Answer the questions by choosing true, false, or not given from the drop-down menu.

Reporter: “Reports have been coming in from all over town about the strange lights that were seen in the sky yesterday evening. One eyewitness, however, claims to have seen something much more concrete, right here on the ground. I’m with Eddy Seaver, local business owner of Premium Junk and Auto Parts. Mr. Seaver, can you tell us what you observed?”

Seaver: “Yes. Well, last night, I was just closing up my shop and getting ready to go home, when I saw these terrific and bright lights in the sky. I knew immediately they weren’t something local, if you know what I mean.”

Reporter: “Can you be more specific?”

Seaver: “Well, you know, an airplane, besides the noise it makes, just usually has a red blinking light or two. What I saw was awash in swirling lights of a great many colors. I’d say it had all the colors of the rainbow moving around the craft. At first I thought it was one of those blimps, but this was not moving slowly, as they do. This one was zipping around the sky, this way and that. It didn’t move in a straight line.

Reporter: “Now, you claim to have followed the craft down to a corn field.”

Seaver: “That’s right. That’s that large field over by Culter Drive that has been more or less abandoned since its owner retired. I saw the alien ship coming down for a landing over there.

Reporter: “Can you tell us what you saw exactly? What did it look like exactly?”

Seaver: “For one thing, it wasn’t as big as I had imagined.For starters, I’d say it was somewhere around the size of a school bus. It didn’t look like a flying saucer, like they always show in the movies. No, this looked more like one of those cargo containers they use to transport things across the ocean. It was rectangular, but had these satellite dishes and radio antennas on top. It was glowing, too. The texture of the craft was strange, too. It wasn’t smooth, gray, and metallic. In fact, it looked like it was covered in dark moss, sort of like for camouflage. To be honest, at first I thought it was something from the army, but then I realized it must have been something alien because of the noise it began to make. Such a racket it made! It was like a bullfrog croaking and a cow mooing, but much slower and mixed with these clicking noises. Then, all of sudden, the whole thing just launched itself back up into the sky, like a rocket, but with no fire or exhaust from its engine.

Reporter: “Thank you for coming forward with your description.”

Seaver: “Thank you for believing me. I know I wouldn’t.”