Office Meeting: The Petty Cash Fund (1) - Reading Comprehension

Read the text, then answer T (true), F (false), or NG (not given) to the statements that follow.

Office Meeting: The Petty Cash Fund

Arlene: “Today, people, we need to decide what to do about our petty cash fund and also complete this report to be sent in to our corporate headquarters. Clara, since you are the secretary of the fund, would you like to tell us how much we currently have on hand?”

Clara: “Secretary? I am most certainly not the secretary of anything. What are you talking about?”

Joe: “Go ahead and deny everything. We know it was you who stole the money!”

Clara: “What! Joe, you’re such a liar”

Dustin: “Hold on. I am the secretary and can assure you that no one has stolen anything, Clara. As for the amount, we currently have $72 and some change.”

Arlene: “Thank you, Dustin. Can you be clearer in terms of what you mean by, ‘some change?’”

Joe: “Go on, Dustin. She’s going to make you account for every penny!”

Dustin: “I’m sorry, Arlene, but I can go and count the money if you like. We usually only account for official purchases on the ledger.”

Clara: “Are you saying not all the money is being accounted for?”

Joe: “Don’t worry about her, Dustin. She’s just trying to throw everyone off the trail. We know the truth, don’t we?”

Clara: “Cut it out, Joe. It’s not funny!”

Arlene: “Will everyone please be quiet. Dustin, it’s very simple; whatever money is taken from petty cash must be recorded—and obviously no one is allowed to take money without a valid reason and without returning a receipt for the money taken.”

Clara: “I’m sorry, Arlene, but that is not what a petty cash fund is for. It’s also for little things, like office and cleaning supplies, when we’ve run out of stock and haven’t received our monthly order. You know, small things that the need pops up for on a daily basis. That’s why it’s called “petty” in the first place.”

Dustin: “Yes, that was my understanding, too. A number of the secretaries dip into the fund for small items from time to time. Of course, we have an honesty policy, so if someone borrows some change from the fund, they are expected to pay it back, of course.”

I’d say the difference from the ledger is only about $5 or so.”

Arlene: “Well, this is most disturbing! How am I to explain this discrepancy to my superiors? They will accuse me of embezzling company funds! No, no, no. This will not do at all. We must have full accountability. Dustin, since it was your responsibility to manage the fund, I must ask you to pay the difference out of your own pocket. I won’t have this embarrassment being made public.”

Dustin: “What? Wait a minute! That’s not fair!”

Joe: “Dustin, I’m sorry, buddy, but you know the saying: you do the crime; you do the time.”

Dustin: “Shut up, Joe! I’ve seen you dipping into the fund more than most to give tips to the drivers for your lunch deliveries. I’ve never once seen you reimbursing the fund.”

Clara: “Arlene, I have to agree with Dustin. He shouldn’t be made to pay for what he didn’t take. If anything, we should all take up a collection. Joe should kick in what he owes first.”

Dustin: “Thank you, Clara.”

Arlene: “People, I am quite shocked by all of this. In all my years, I would have never believed that we’ve had petty larceny in our offices. You young people these days feel entitled to everything—including things that are not yours.”

Clara: “It’s not like that at all, Arlene. You have the wrong idea about the purpose of a petty cash fund, as I’ve explained before. I’m sure that if you call your superiors at headquarters, they will clue you in to what is standard in most offices today—including their own.”

Arlene: “Are you suggesting I sully my reputation by confessing mismanagement of company property? I will do no such thing! Joe, I am instructing you to call our corporate headquarters and follow up on Clara’s suggestion. I’m sure the call will do your reputation no harm.“

Joe: “Fine. I’ll do it right after I order lunch.”

Arlene: “I would suggest that we need someone new to manage the petty cash fund, since Dustin was obviously shirking his responsibilities and letting others get away with murder. Clara? I would like to nominate you. You seem to have a handle on modern office protocol.”

Clara: “I’m sorry, Arlene. My plate is full. You’ll have to ask someone. If it were up to me, I’d just let Dustin continue on.”

Joe: “Well, I guess I’ll just have to nominate myself for the position. After all, it’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it. You needn’t worry, Arlene. I”ll look after the money, as if it were my own.”

Arlene: “That’s what I’m afraid of. Thanks, but no thanks. I’ll find someone else.”