Office Meeting: The Retirement Party (2) - Reading Comprehension

Read the following transcript of a group of office colleagues who are planning a party.
Answer “True” or “False” to the statement that follow:

Office Meeting: The Retirement Party

Arlene: “OK, so I’m glad you are all here because we need to discuss the details of Walt’s retirement party. To start off, does anyone have any ideas about where to hold it?”

Joe: “Why can’t we have it here in the office? Why do we have to go anywhere?”

Arlene: “Joe, we’ve discussed this already. It will be nice to go out and have dinner somewhere. He can bring his wife and we can invite a few other people. The man has been with the company for 30 years. The least we can do, as colleagues, is send him off on a good note.

Dustin? What do you say?”

Dustin: “I guess I agree, Arlene. Anyway, since the company is paying, it’s ...”

Clara: “Sorry to butt in, but where did you get that idea, Dustin?”

Dustin: “What do you mean? I thought there was a memo from the front office about that.”

Arlene: “No, not exactly. The memo said that the company would like to buy him a retirement gift, you know like a watch or something. It didn’t say anything about buying dinner for us all. You are wrong about that. The party will be our gift to him.”

Dustin: “Oh! Well that’s very different. In that case. I’m inclined to agree with Joe, then. Why should we pay for it? Yes, we can have a good time right here in the office. I’ll be happy to chip in for a cake or something."

Arlene: “But I thought we all agreed on this last week! Clara? How about you? Would you like to add something to the conversation?”

Clara: “Well, the truth is, I never really liked Walt anyway. As a matter of fact, since we’re discussing it, I think I’ll side with the others. The office is probably more practical and economical. In fact, we don’t even need to have dinner.”

Arlene: “I have to say that I’m very disappointed. I’ve worked with Walt for almost twenty years.”

Clara: “Sorry to cut you off, Arlene, but maybe you should just take him out for dinner!”

Joe: “That’s the best idea I’ve heard all afternoon.”

Arlene: “Dustin? I thought you were going to back me up on this. We even talked about this yesterday. I feel you’re holding something back.”

Dustin: “I just changed my mind, that’s all. You know, the rest of us have only worked with him for a few years. To be honest, I have to say that he hasn’t been very cooperative. In fact, just this morning, in the project meeting, he took credit for one of my ideas. Can you imagine that?“

Clara: “Buy him a cake and send him packing is what I say.”

Joe: “I agree. A cake ... or even a cupcake would be fine.”