Outnumbered (2) - Reading Comprehension (True, False, or Unknown?)

Read the passage and and choose the correct answer to the questions below.

Maggie was sitting at the kitchen table working on a school project with her friend Amy. Kathleen came in and put her shopping bags on the worktop.

“Hi, Maggie. Hi Amy,” said Kathleen.

“Hi, Mrs. Jones,” replied Amy.

“What are you two up to?”

“We’ve got to write a film review for school,” said Maggie.

“I’m doing mine on Scary Movie, and Amy is doing hers on Scary Movie 2.”

“Which is better?” asked Kathleen, smiling.

“The original is usually the best.”

The back door flew open and Dennis ambled in. He slumped in a chair and began attacking the sausage rolls that Kathleen had just unpacked. He grunted incoherently.

“What’s up with you?” asked his mum kindly.

“He’s got girl trouble,” laughed Maggie, looking up from her notebook.

“How so?” asked Kathleen, “Tell me, love. I’m all ears.”

“We saw him at the cinema last night chatting up Mandy White,” said Amy helpfully.

“But I thought you were going out with Sarah Shaw?” Kathleen was confused.

“Sarah doesn’t need to know,” scowled Dennis, helping himself to a third chocolate éclair.

“But what if she somehow found out?” asked Maggie, reaching for her phone.

Dennis got up and shook the crumbs from his overalls. “I’m going back out, mum,” he said, still with a mouthful of pastry, “I’m a bit outnumbered here!”