Portugal (1) - Reading Comprehension (True, False, or Unknown)

Read the Passage and choose T (True), F (False) or U (Unknown) in the blank according to the passage. Answer the questions below.

In February Kathleen and Rob had a romantic break in Portugal. After they arrived and unpacked, Kathleen  phoned her daughter.

“What a day! You know, everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong.”

“What  happened?” asked Maggie.

“Well, on the way to the airport, your dad got lost in the one-way system. Then we couldn’t find a parking space, and when we did we didn’t have any change for the machine. We had to ask some Italian kids to change a twenty-pound note.” 

Maggie could hear her dad snoring loudly on the bed, where he was fast asleep next to Kathleen. 

“At the check-in desk it turned out that we hadn’t brought the email that we needed for automatic check-in. Then they told us that our luggage was overweight by two kilos, and we had to throw away most of the tins of beans that your dad had packed. I set off the alarm at the security check because I’d forgotten to take off my belt, and then at a duty-free shop your dad knocked over five bottles of expensive Latvian vodka.”

“Wow!” gasped Maggie, absolutely amazed at the story.

“After that we took the wrong train to the gate, and had to rush back to where we’d started. We were last in the queue when we got to the gate, and of course, we hadn’t bothered to pay for priority boarding. But do you know what, love? Since we took off, everything has been completely hassle-free. ‘Plane sailing’ is how your dad put it.”

In the background Maggie could hear Rob talking angrily in his sleep: “But I’m not paying for the vodka! It wasn’t my fault!”

“Have a great holiday, mum,” chuckled Maggie.