Read the text and answer T (true), F (false), or NG (not given)

Read the text, then answer T (true), F (false), or NG (not given) to the statements that follow.

Meeting the Trainees

Mr. Sinclair: “Ah! Gustafson, I’m glad you’ve made it. And who are these young people?”

Mr. Gustafson: “Good morning, Mr. Sinclair. These are new trainees we’ve brought abroad to help during the holiday rush.”

Mr. Sinclair: “Oh? I wasn’t informed we were hiring new staff? I didn’t hire you to give away our money!”

Mr. Gustafson: “No, sir. Well, they're not being hired, yet. This is sort of a voluntary training program, just to see if they like working with us or not.”

Mr. Sinclair: “Well, why wouldn’t they want to work here? When I was their age, I’d be begging for such an opportunity. This is not some mom-and-pop operation. If they don’t appreciate the opportunity we are giving them, then ...”

Mr. Gustafson: “I’m sorry to cut you off, Mr. Gustafson, but I think you’ve misunderstood. These trainers are from the university internship program. They’re just here to get some experience in the retail industry. They will be helping us in terms of marketing, not sales.”

Mr. Sinclair: “Oh, well that’s good. A little nose-to-the-grindstone will serve them well. So who do we have here?”

Mr. Gustafson: “This is Miss Sue Ellen Collins. She is studying marketing at the university.”

Sue Ellen: “Hello. Thank you for the opportunity.”

Mr. Sinclair: “Tell me something about yourself, Sue Ellen. How old are you and where are you from?”

Sue Ellen: “Well, um, I’m 21 years old. I was born here in New Jersey, but my parents are from Toronto. I’m very interested in advertising, and also very creative, if I might say. I also studied graphic arts, and I’m hoping to catch on with a firm that will make use of my talents.”

Mr. Sinclair: “Well we’ll just have to see how creative you can be, my dear. You know, in my day, it was word of mouth that put us on the map. Today, everything is about television—and that’s an expensive medium.”

Mr. Gustafson: “I was explaining to Sue Ellen that in the future we might be investing in a multimedia division, so that we can help lower our advertising expenses.”

Mr. Sinclair: “Well, that sounds good to me. I look forward to working with you personally, my dear.”