Solving a Travel Problem - Reading Comprehension

Read the following transcript of a conversation. Answer the questions by choosing true, false, or not given from the drop-down menu.

Man: “Hi. Can you help me?”

Woman: “I don’t know. What’s the problem? Where are you headed?”

Man: “Oh, no. I don’t need directions. I’d like to ask you about this railway card I got yesterday in Chichester, from the train station there.”

Woman: “What’s the problem? Does it work? Have you registered the card online already? If you don’t register it, it won’t work. You have to follow the instructions.”

Man: “That’s the problem. I can’t register it because it has the wrong email.”

Woman: “Don’t you know your own email? I’m not a mind reader, you know.”

Man: “Of course, I do! It’s just that the guy at the station who gave it to me put down the wrong one. He misspelled my name in the email address.”

Woman: “Do you have the receipt he gave you? I need some information from it.”

Man: “Yes, I do.”

Woman: “Why don’t you read me the registration number at the bottom left?”

Man: “OK, it’s 386-999-251.”

Woman: “That’s only nine numbers. There should be ten. Can you check it again?”

Man: “Oh, sorry. Yes, there’s one more 9 ... so that’s 9999.”

Woman: “Good. Now can you give me the exact spelling of your name, first and last.”

Man: “Sure. My first name is Neil. That’s N-E-I-L. My last name is Rogers. That’s R-O-G-E-R-S. See, the guy in Chichester spelled my first name N-I-E-L. Can you please repeat that back to me?”

Woman: “No. But don’t worry; it’s an honest mistake. It can happen to anyone with that name. Just order a new card online. There’s not much I or anyone else can do about this.