Steve’s School Schedule (1) - Letters - Reading Comprehension

Read the text and complete the two tasks below.

Dear Aunt Tillie,

Hi! Guess what. I’m a junior in Ceeyalatuh Public Highschool this year. They put me a year ahead after I did well on the exams they had given me. My schedule is a bit heavy. There are 8 periods and we start early in the morning. Each period lasts about 45 minutes.

First period starts easy enough. I just have to listen to the teacher’s lecture and take notes. These days, we’re studying the French Revolution, which is helpful because after that I go to the language lab for French. The 2 periods are supposed to be integrated. They even decorated the room with works by all these French painters. You’d think you were in an arts class!

After that, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, we go to the gym. On the other days, it’s math. It’s not as advanced as I thought it would be, so it’s easy for me. The only thing is in the next period we just sit and do exercises. It’s a bit boring, especially after working out 3 days a week.

This school stresses creative writing. I’m not sure why, but at least my teacher told me my stories are interesting. She thinks I should be a writer and that my English is good. She also goes over some famous books with us. Like the other lessons in the morning, it’s French themed, so we’re reading some French authors like Flaubert, Proust, and some other guys whose names I can’t remember. Sixth period is cool because it’s computer science. We’re even learning programming, which is more interesting than I thought it would be. By the end of that period, I’m starving! The school has a nice cafeteria but the cooking is so-so. Oh, well. There’s a McDonalds nearby but we’re not allowed to leave the campus.

After that, it’s back to heavy science to finish off the day. Each class lasts around 45 minutes and this last one is a double shot. They change the lessons every 2 days and I really enjoy the chemistry classes more.

So that’s my schedule. It’s a long day and also very tiring, but at least it’s challenging and I like the teachers. My classmates are OK, and I’m making new friends. Most of them are nerds, but  that’s OK. I just have to get up really early, which I’m still not used to. I wish there were more time for playing sports. I miss my old track team.

All the best,