The Flyer - Australia (3) - Reading Comprehension

Read the lines and select T (True), F (False) or U (Unknown) from the given options according to the passage.

The Flyer 

One day in August Dennis was walking around the city centre aimlessly with his girlfriend Linda. “Two weeks’ break, but no money to do anything!” he complained.

Just then Linda picked up a brightly colored flyer. “Guaranteed trip to Australia!” she read carefully, “Calls cost a pound...”

Dennis sprang into action. “Come on, Linda! Get your phone out and let’s get dialing!”

After listening to a recorded message about the delights of Australia for ten minutes, both of their calls came to an end. They were disappointed to be told that they hadn’t won the trip “on this occasion”, but that they should “call again” – and often – to have another chance of winning.

Neither of them had a lot of credit left on their mobiles, so Dennis suggested: “Let’s get me dad’s phone. It’ll be amazing to go Down Under!”

They found Rob’s phone and made a couple more calls, but each time they were unlucky. Then they tried from Dennis’s home phone, and after that from Linda’s grandma’s mobile, but no joy.

“I’m getting bored  listening to all that going on about Australia!” commented Linda.

Dennis agreed, but they both fancied a luxury holiday in the sun, so they kept on calling, asking everyone they knew whether they could use their phones: “Just for a minute –and we’ll pay you back!”

By the end of the day they had heard the same message twenty-seven times. It was then that Linda read the small print on the back of the flyer.

“It says here calls cost a quid...”

“Right,” agreed Dennis.

“But it’s a pound a minute, Dennis!” Dennis’s face turned purple.

Their holiday of a lifetime would have to wait. The next day Dennis went back to the garage to put in some overtime.