The Flyer - Australia (6) - Reading Comprehension - True or Fale

Read the facts below. Then, answer True or False to the statements below.

1. Jonathan often says that Sydney is the most perfect place on earth. 

2. The team’s getting some amazing photos of koala bears, because they’re so tame.

3. Kelly went wine tasting in Barossa Valley last Friday with her mate Gavin. 

4. We were climbing down Sydney Harbour Bridge, when Alison slipped and twisted her ankle. 

5. Rickie has seen almost every single episode of "Neighbours" since it began in 1985. 

6. Darren has to write an assignment about injured kangaroos. 

7. After Canberra, we’ll fly straight to Brisbane. 

8. If the footy match is cancelled, we’ll have a barbie instead!