Unit 11-4 Nature versus Society

ARTICLE: Have Bats Moved into My Area?

There are many bats that are lucky enough to call Florida home.

Why is this? Well, both the climate and opportunity for food sources are what attracts them here. Initially, when bats take up residence in your garden, they might be a welcome novelty. However, if they invaded your house, would you be so happy?. Probably not.

Maybe you’ve got a glimpse of something flapping around in a room in your house. Whilst that may not because for panic (unless you hate bats, that is!) it could be an indication that bats are nesting in your attic. Normally in most cases, a bat has just got trapped inside your house and needs to be let out. If, however, you start hearing noises emanating from your attic and find guano inside your home, then, chances are you are co-habiting with bats. It’s not an ideal situation, is it?. So what should you do?

Procedure for bat removal

First, never handle a bat by yourself, or use bare hands. You could be bitten and bats carry infectious  diseases like rabies. Instead, contact a wildlife control company that will ascertain the extent of the problem and effectively remove the pest in your home.

Now you have removed the pest, so what else can you do?

To prevent unwittingly playing host again to roosting bats, make sure all holes to your attic are plugged up. Also look for nearby water sources. Is there one close by? If so, try and get it drained as it will only serve to attract more bats.

If you follow this advice you should find that you will once again reclaim your house as your own!

Answer the multiple choice questions below using information from the article above.