Using Your Smartphone in Gesturing Mode (1) - Reading Comprehension

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Using Your Smartphone in Gesturing Mode

A smartphone is a type of mobile phone that allows you to not only make phone calls and send text messages, but you also can also use it to access and search the internet as well as to check your emails. They include many applications, also known as apps. There are apps for listening to music, making videos, editing pictures, and for doing many different things. Another popular feature of most smartphones is a camera with which you can take high resolution pictures.

To use your smartphone, you can use your fingers to touch the screen of your phone to scroll through websites or applications. You also use your fingers to type and to click on links, push buttons, etc. Some phones also provide the ability for you to use a stylus, which is a pencil-like device you hold to control the touchscreen of your phone, instead of your fingers.

All devices have some physical buttons, usually located on one side or the other of the phone body. These include a power button and volume buttons, and also one to trigger a built-in, voice-controlled personal assistant. However, smartphones also have digital buttons to navigate through different screens, web pages and apps. These are found on the bottom of the touchscreen. They include “home” and “back” buttons as well as a button to display the apps page. These buttons may be set to remain visible or to be hidden until needed.

Many people today are choosing not to use these digital buttons, however, because they take up a chunk of space at the bottom of the touchscreen. Therefore, newer phones can also be navigated using gestures. This is a popular mode though it takes some practice to get used to.

There are some gestures that are common to all phones, however, different smartphone manufacturers might have other gestures to use for increased functionality. The most common gestures, however, include briefly swiping up from the bottom of the touchscreen to go back to the home page. You can also swipe up or down to scroll through web pages. Swiping up and then holding your finger in the center of the screen to get to your recent apps list. On the home page, swiping up from either the bottom right or left corner will allow you to access your mobile assistant. To turn to the next page in an app, simply swipe to the left or to the right.