Visiting My Uncle At The Theatre - Reading Comprehension

Read the following text. Then, answer True or False to the questions that follow. 

Visiting My Uncle At The Theatre

I’m very lucky because my uncle is an actor. One day he took me to work with him. It was a snowy winter’s day I remember and I was extremely excited. When we got to the theatre I put my big coat in the cloakroom as the theatre was warm and cosy. There weren’t many other people there because I was going to watch the actors while they rehearsed the play.

I sat in a chair in the middle of the theatre and looked up at the stage. I couldn’t believe my eyes, the scenery  as wonderful. The artist who had painted it was very clever. Then the actors came on stage and started to read their lines. My uncle is a fantastic actor. I had never seen him before and I felt very proud of him and quite emotional. I laughed and I cried and clapped until my hands hurt at the end. What an amazing afternoon it was.