Vocabulary Building - Definitions - Multiple Choice

Read the word definitions below and then choose the word that best fills in the blank in the sentences.

above (prep.)

- Above is being higher than something else.

cousin (n): 
- A cousin is your uncle or aunt’s child.

glasses (n): 
- You need to wear glasses if you can’t see very well.

anymore (adv):
- Anymore is often used in negative sentences meaning no longer. 

soft (adj):
- Something soft is easy and nice to put your hand on.

pleased (adj):
- Being pleased is to be happy with something or someone. 

roundabout (n):
- A roundabout is a circle in the road which cars drive around. 

opposite (prep):
- Being opposite something is being on the other side of it. 

cousin (n): 
- A cousin is your uncle or aunt’s child. 

newspaper (n):
- A newspaper has large sheets of paper with the latest news.