Wedding Planning (3) - Reading Comprehension

Read the Passage and write T (True), F (False) or U (Unknown) in the blank according to the passage.

Wedding Planning

Maggie was staying at her friend Sophie’s in Derby for a few days. They were getting ready to go out for a night on the town, and discussing Sophie’s impending wedding to her fiancé Tony. Maggie was looking forward to being a bridesmaid.

“Tony wants to invite his whole bloomin’ family,” said Sophie, “And he’s got a big family, that’s for sure! They’re scattered about everywhere! I mean, there’s his dad in Scotland for starters...”

“Is his dad Scottish?” asked Maggie, applying her blusher.

“No, but his partner is. His dad’s got five brothers and a half-sister, so Tony’s got cousins coming out of his ears.” Sophie paused. “There’s his cousin John – the Welsh one – who lives in Cardiff. There’s Jackie... and Manda in London; and then there’s his Grandma and her new boyfriend in Belfast, and...”

“How many people can you invite?” interrupted Maggie, lacing up her boots.

“About forty-five,” replied Sophie. “We might be able to fit in a few more, if they don’t have the sit-down meal.

Thank goodness my family’s just my parents and my brother!”

“Don’t forget my family,” said Maggie, checking her outfit in the full-length mirror. “Dennis will definitely go, although I doubt he’ll sit through the whole sermon in the church. He’ll probably wander outside and text his mates.”

“Yeah, and that reminds me – I should invite my godmother in Manchester,” said Sophie.

They left the house and walked briskly to the bus stop.

“She’ll want me to invite her whole flippin’ brood. Like, she’s got two kids in Cardiff – Lee and Sam, you know – and sisters in Liverpool, Birmingham...”

“The more the merrier!” laughed Maggie, adjusting her earrings. “It’ll be OK.”